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Charity events & Sportive Training

We have lots of experience on many different events such as London to Paris, London to Amsterdam, Majorca to name a few.

We offer structured advice and face to face training on what to expect and some of the most effective ways to train for multi day events and long days out in the saddle,

Multi day events

What do I need to bring? How fit do I need to be? How long are the days? What will I eat?

We hear these questions regularly and they will all be covered in our 1 day training course to fully understand what to expect when you turn up for your event. The day will be both on and off the bike covering lots of topics and a few basic techniques to keep your bike in good condition.


Sportives and SIngle day rides

These can be particularly demanding days on your bike so there will be a larger focus on hours in he saddle. We will cover pacing and nutrition with basic bike maintenace too



We can offer you the peace of mind knowing that your customers have the knowledge and opportunities to successfully complete your events. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your charity create a bespoke training day in a location that works for you.

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